Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Usher

Usher is set to conquer the fashion world! He recently told WWD that he’s set to launch a men’s and women’s intimates collection.
“You may have heard that I might be launching a lingerie line for men and woman,” said the 29-year-old R&B singer, who had some of his designs were featured in his new “Trading Places” music video. “Comfort and intimacy is very important.” (justjared.com)

"Why no Usher, we have not heard that you might be launching a lingerie line for men and women. Mainly because men don't wear lingerie but I digress. Go on. You were making a shameless plug about....put your pants back on Usher. Yes, those look lovely on you...please put your pants back on. Why are you lifting your shirt again? Yes...I know amazing abs we have seen them.....ohhhhh. It's a man bra. Well thank you Mr. Raymond the interview is over."
He is right comfort and intimacy are important. I felt extremely uncomfortable in that intimate situation.

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DJ ASH-ROCK said...

lolol....i cant wait to try his male thong line...been running low in that dept.........ooooooohhh man i hope they have zebra print!!!!