Monday, September 15, 2008

Greed Is....Good?

This year will mark the last season for FX's acclaimed Nip/Tuck.
Now, there's just one lil' problem - and it's quite big actually. The network has to negotiate the actors' salaries for this final season - and they want a big payday!
Currently, salary talks have been ongoing for weeks with the stars of the show.
During Season 5, last year, Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh were each making around $125,000 each per episode. Fellow co-star Joely Richardson was making about $100,000. (

Exactly when will people get their heads out of their asses? How much money is enough? Yes, Nip/Tuck is a fairly good show. Are you enriching lives in ANY way? Who do you think you are? REAL plastic surgeons? Now those guys make the world a better place. They give us poofy lips, symmetrical D cup breasts and make fat juicy asses out of the unsavory fat you find in back fat. What do you guys do? You read off the prompter and ask me every week "What is it you don't like about yourself?" Then you make me cry. Damn back fat...

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