Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zac Efron....hello

I am glad to know that for me personally it took you turning 20 before I officially started salivating over you. You and your, dare I say hotness? Whoo...
Wow, yeah I am glad I never watched High School Musical because that would have made me super pervy. I did see you in Hairspray and though I thought you were cute, I had not noticed this at all. So yes, I officially take back anything I ever said about you in the past. I will say this, please break up with your girlfriend. There is way too much prime trim about to come your way and you will only leave a trail of tears. This goes for her as well though, she will only regret not having ventured. I am looking out for the both of you crazy kids. But, really I am just looking at you....meow!

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