Monday, April 27, 2009

Bea Arthur Dead at 86

Beatrice Arthur, an icon of ’70s TV as the star of Maude, and then one of the staples of ’80s TV as one of the leads in The Golden Girls, has died at age 86, according to an Associated Press report. A family spokesman told AP the Emmy and Tony Award winner had cancer, and died peacefully at her home in Los Angeles. (

My beloved Dorothy. The Carrie Version of The Golden Girls was full of wisdom on Maude (and then there's Maude!) I love that show. But she was classic on The Golden Girls. Here are a few lil' nugget's of her wisdom.

Rose: Can I ask a dumb question? Dorothy: Better than anyone I know.

Blanche: What do you think of my new dress? Is it me? Sophia: It's too tight, it's too short and shows too much cleavage for a woman your age. Dorothy: Yes, Blanche. It's you.

Dorothy: Blanche, are you sure you're pregnant? Blanche: I just did a home pregnancy test - it's right here. Rose: It looks like a perfume sample. Dorothy: Put it behind your ears, Rose.

Blanche: This is strictly off the record but Dirk is nearly five years younger than I am. Dorothy: In what, Blanche, dog years?

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Miss TLC said...

18 hour marathon on the Hallmark channel honoring Bea on Sunday, beginning at 8:30 a.m.