Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pick The Correct One and You Win a Prize!

This story was titled three ways. Which one is correct?

a)Polar Bear Attacks Woman

b)Woman Rescued From Polar Bears

c)Woman Jumps In Polar Bear Pool, Gets Bitten

Let's take into consideration that this took place at the Berlin zoo, not in wild where polar bears run free and attack humans. If you guessed C, you are correct!

The woman, who has not been identified, climbed down a fence, over a wide hedge full of thorns and got past a concrete wall before swan diving into the murky moat where the polar bears swim.One of four bears in the enclosure bit the woman's arms, legs and back before keepers rescued her out with a life preserver. (msnbc.com)

When are people going to stop messing with animals that are cute from a safe, reasonable distance? Like a fence? Concrete wall? Moat? If the animal you want to hug is surrounded by one or all three of these, it may be best to purchase the plushy version available in the gift shop.

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