Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WTF? Gross..

Yawwwn! Sorry a new reality dating show called "The Cougar", guess what it's about has a very interesting way of saying goodbye to contestants.
Vivica Fox announces to the group of dicktards that if "The Cougar" gives them her lips, they are safe, if she gives them her cheek, they have to go home. (dlisted.com)

First of all, what happened to Vivica Fox?
Second, what kind of way is that to tell someone they are special? You kiss 12 guys in a row? Fuckin' gross! I mean even Flava Flav' gave his hoe's a big ass clock? Does that imply that older women take a first kiss not as seriously as a young woman? Have you seen Girls Gone Wild? Does a kiss on the cheek imply "bye grandma?' Gross. They could have given lockets or hard candies or something much more sanitary than that.

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