Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things I Am Sick Of...

Lindsay psycho watch. Hasn't she been crazy for a while now?

Brad and Angelina break up rumors, pregnancy rumors, adoption rumors. Who knows the truth? They do, that's it.

People feeling sorry for Jennifer Aniston. As I have mentioned it before, I am sure she is just fine.

Movies about psycho women taking men away from their wives. I have seen this story from Fatal Attraction, Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Crush, Swimfan and now the new one with Beyonce, Obsessed. But she gets all mad so I might have to see it.

Moments on film when the character should totally not be wearing fresh lipgloss. It is completely unbelievable that you are being held hostage and you have shiny lips. I'm talking to you Eliza Dushku, or however you spell your name.

Remakes. They are remaking Fame. You can't just remake the movie Fame. Who is going to be Tyrone? It's just impossible.

Ryan Seacrest. I am pretty sure the only vagina that guy has ever seen was his mother's and his own.

People at work that say that say things like "We should...." when they really mean "You, should..."

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Anonymous said...

Leave Ryan ALONE!! He is great for what he does. And what would Joel McHale do without his little man !