Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gwyneth's Fault!!!

I was wondering where her boobs went....
Scarlett Johansson has reportedly lost over 14lbs since she began working out with her Iron Man 2 co-star in preparation for the movie. A source told Star magazine: “The pair have been doing daily workouts with Gwyneth’s personal trainer TRACY ANDERSON.
“Scarlett is also staying away from carbohydrates.” The 24-year-old actress decided to diet, reportedly fearing she could lose out on the roles she wants to younger, more attractive actresses. (celebitchy.com)

24 year old Scar Jo fears losing parts to younger prettier actresses? Seriously, just put me on suicide watch right now.
Fine, she is playing a super hero and she needs to be in shape. But, if Gwyny is making the best rack in Hollywood "Gwyny Skinny" I am going to crush her with my massive carb eating thighs. Work out to be healthy kid. Boobs are sexy, that whole concave bony chest thing? Not so much.


NonProcessed said...

“The pair have been doing daily workouts..."

I thought you meant her boobs! lmao

Noelle said...

aka ... the bird chest.