Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jamie Foxx Talks Out of His Ass

Jamie Foxx had some not-so-nice words for Miley Cyrus during his weekend Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole,” judging by a audio posted on YouTube and heard below.
During a discussion criticizing Miley, 16, for being upset at not getting to meet Radiohead backstage at the Grammys, Foxx, 41, told her to get a gum transplant and to “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”
Someone else is heard calling her a “white bitch.” (celebitchy.com)

I will ask the obvious question....Why the fuck does Jamie Foxx have a radio talk show? I find Miley as annoying as I find any 16 year old but if in his mind growing up means making a sex tape and getting some crack in here pipe then I wonder what advice he gives his own teenage daughter. Any man in his 40's referring to a young woman's sex life is disgusting, which he obviously is.
I give it about 72 hours before the apology...

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