Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vampires Cavorting With Humans....again

He’s the hottest young male star in Hollywood - and now Robert Pattinson is caught between two of his pretty costars! While Rob, 22, is sinking his teeth into playing vampire Edward Cullen in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to the megahit Twilight, the real drama is raging off set between Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed!
“The girls are competing for Rob’s attention,” a source tells Star. “Kristen and Nikki both like him, and it’s getting ugly. They’re headed for a major showdown!” (

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's 2009 people. He's fucking both of them at the same time and it is consensual and all good. I would happily share him. Well, not happily but I would share. Besides, the story had been from months ago that Nikki and Kirsten were the ones originally hooking up. These crazy kids today. Here's the proof: For all the pervs there is an actual kiss at the end.
Just look at their chemistry, never mind the awful song.

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