Friday, April 3, 2009

A Feel Good Story, Not The Norm I Know

I was sitting at the salon this morning getting my hair blow dried, when I saw a really pretty girl walk in. She was wearing a short jean skirt and she was so pretty in fact that I did not notice the massive scar on her knee. This girl had major reconstruction surgery on her right knee and it was badly scarred. I thought it was great that she was wearing a skirt, she didn't mind her scar.
When it was time for me to go, my battery died. Just my luck, me rushing to work, the hottest day we have had in forever, my pretty hair all blow dried. Luckily I had jumper cables and I asked if someone inside could help me. The pretty girl with the scar drove her car over to mine and popped her hood before I even knew she was there. She has an electric car so we were confused where her battery was. I started to get frustrated and she said, "well at least this way I will learn where my battery is!" True. We found it and she revved her engine and my car came back to life. As I was thanking her I could not get the hood to come down she came over to help me....again. I muttered sarcastically "this is going to be a great day." She said, "well all you needed was a jump to get on with the rest of it, how bad can it be."
So that was my sighting of an angel today....

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