Friday, October 30, 2009


George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis have love on the menu as they share a passionate kiss Thursday in Italy. (

I don't know what it is, but I have this sneaking suspicion that George Clooney is gay. I think it is because he reminds me so much of Rock Hudson. Devastatingly handsome, well dressed, well groomed, talented, filthy rich and an all around good guy. You never hear anything but amazing things about this man. The only thing you ever hear which is not a bad thing is "he never wants to get married, he has never found the right woman." Then you see him with the random insanely hot babe that screams rent-a ho in strategically taken red carpet events, or pictures like the one above. But, only for a few months because he is emotionally unavailable. Because you know this Playboy will just never slow down.

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Joe Castello's Motor Sports Experience said...

Blasphemy! You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that. George was the victim of a joke by one of his friends. Not gay, just smart! Go George.