Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playboy"s Standards Have Gone Down

Tara Reid made news last week when she stripped down (“ALL THE WAY” down according to Fox News and their caps lock key) for Playboys December issue. (wwtdd.com)

Is that her ass? That thing that is resting on her hamstring on her scrawny little body? Really? This bitch is going to be in Playboy? This nasty skank of an excuse for a female is going to grace the pages of Playboy? Hef must really be losing his sight. If she looks halfway decent then women everywhere can ease a sigh of relief because we will have proof that these idiot stick figures are being photo shopped within an inch of their lives. For real? Tara Reid? 


Joe Castello's Motor Sports Experience said...


VIV said...

So GROSS!! I completely agree with u on this! What's happening with Playboy!

sharika said...

Did you see Playboy had Heidi on the cover? Heidi who? Exactly !! She is covered in mud and crap. And you should have to show boobs, at least ! Side boob is NOT enough for Playboy that is called Maxim. It was downhill for Playboy when they put Jessica Alba on the cover without her permission and no pictures of her inside.