Friday, October 30, 2009

Guys Crave Man Caves

There is a great story in The Enquirer about male celebrities and their "Man Caves."
 It’s all about how some big male celebrities are getting in touch with their inner dude and installing special “man cave” areas in their homes. The celebrities listed as “fans of the man cave” are Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage A man cave is described as “a private area in the home, where a guy and his buddies can gather” (
Johnny Depp keeps guitars in his St. Tropez man cave, alongside several cases of wine from his vineyard.

Hey Johnny, I've got a man cave for you....
Sorry that man just makes me crazy!
But isn't that just the way? All this time I am thinking man caves are seedy titty bars and Johnny Depp has guitars and wine. 
From his own vineyard. 
So he can seduce me 
Damn it! Stop it Johnny! Stop looking at me like that!

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