Monday, October 19, 2009

Ballon Boy

Three days after the nation watched the televised image of a silver flying saucer-shaped balloon traveling across the Colorado sky, it turns out the saga of the balloon boy may have been all hot air.
“It has been determined this was a hoax. It was a publicity stunt,” Larimer County, Colo., Sheriff Jim Alderden told reporters Sunday. He said no arrests will be made until the investigation is complete.(

These parents should just die. A parents worst nightmare should be that you child suffers a very frightening thing like this and subsequently dies. It is only multiplied by 100 to think that it was over some stupid hobby of yours. To think they "pretended" their 6 year old was dead in order for them to get some sort of publicity for a reality show is sickening. They told their son to lie in front of millions of people with no care whatsoever what kind of an effect this could have on him, on his future. This kid is going to be in high school and under his senior picture it will say Balloon Boy. Now instead of getting a show, they will get what they deserve. People scrutinizing their parenting and their loose morals when faking that their child in danger.

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Avi said...

i'm glad balloon boy is safe, for a second there I thought Michael Jackson was ordering takeout from heaven