Friday, October 30, 2009

What Problems Could This Little Girl Possibly Cause

Abigail Breslin, from the movies Signs, Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland was chosen to play Hellen Kelller in a Broadway adaptation of her life. Despite being blind, deaf and mute Helen Keller became an advocate for people with such setbacks. So what could the uproar possibly be about?

“We do not think it’s O.K. for reputable producers to cast this lead role without seriously considering an actress from our community,” said Sharon Jensen, executive director of the Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts, to the New York Times. “I understand how difficult it is to capitalize a new production on Broadway, but that to me is not the issue. There are other, larger human and artistic issues at stake here.” (

It's a Broadway play where the main character does not say a word. How could you be angry about this? She is a great actress, not just for her age because she blows actresses twice her age out of the water. Who is going to see a Broadway production where there is no singing and dancing? There can't possibly be singing and dancing! Get the sand out of your vagina.

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