Sunday, October 25, 2009

Michael's Ghost

La Toya said, “When I go to his house I say, ‘Hello, Michael. How are you? If you’re here, please, please let me know’. And the lights start blinking. I can feel him. I can smell his Tom Ford cologne and I’ve felt him brush past me. I tell him I love him so much and ask him to show me he’s here again. The lights blink again. I know he’s there, answering me and knowing he’s watching me is a huge comfort. I never believed that people could speak, hear and communicate in that sense. But I’ve witnessed it several times now and I want to investigate it further. I am certainly open-minded to speaking to a medium. No other members of the family have experienced it. Just me.” (
I put this picture of La Toya so you can see how different she looked before her many, many, many surgeries. I also put it so you can use it as a reference and point to her and say, "that bitch is crazy!" Everybody and that means you too La Toya, needs to leave Michael alone already. Between the movie, the radio retrospects, the people trying to take what ever money he had away from his kids, the BET Awards, the MTV Awards and my own Tribute CD that has been in the number one slot since his death this summer. We need to leave him be. You smell his Tom Ford cologne? Get the fuck outta' here.

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