Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rolling Stone Is Officially A Terrible Magazine

Last month they had Taylor Swift on the cover. The previous month it was the Jonas Brothers. This month it has the easily replaceable girls from the show Gossip Girls simultaneously licking a double scoop ice cream cone. The brunette which I know is supposed to be the new Rachel Bilson has her mouth wide open and white gook all over her tongue and it is not sexy at all, it looks disgusting. I am sure the pervs that took this picture thought it was adorable because this is what the girls said:
"They didn’t tell us anything about the concept," Blake Lively says. "We didn’t know we'd have any props, but we saw this big fun table — like a kid's birthday party. Um, some of it was a little mature for a kid's birthday party. Some of the ... inflatable items. But it's all been a surprise; it's been really fun." (

What happened Rolling Stone? Have you lost your edge/mind? Ever since you had the skanky version of Xtina Aguilera posing naked with an electric guitar you have sucked. Why would Christina Aguilera ever pose with and electric guitar? I don't know why I am bringing it up, I just always thought it was a stupid picture.

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