Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Please Hide The Pink Dolphin (if you can)

Pinky the pink dolphin - Pinky was first discovered by a charter boat on Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana in 2007. What some are saying is the world's first pink Bottlenose dolphin has been spotted again in the same area. They are saying it is an albino dolphin and it has pink eyes. Not like the infection, the color pink.

At first I said "OMG! A pink dolphin! Isn't that just the cuuuutest thing??!!!" Then I thought crap, why is it pink? How is he/she going to blend in? What did it eat? Are these waters infested? Do the other dolphins not let them join in their dolphin games? Now I am sad.

1 comment:

NonProcessed said...

He's albino, silly! He'll survive just fine.