Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fez Hits On Rihanna...not literally like the other idiot

If Rihanna wants to make her fella feel Browned off, she’s going the right way about it. She was seen getting “pretty cosy” with Wilmer Valderrama at the Geisha House in Hollywood last Wednesday. Wilmer, star of That 70s Show, hosts weekly karaoke nights there. We hear he made a beeline for 21-year-old Rihanna when she walked in.
Our spy says: “Rihanna looked so pretty and Wilmer could hardly take his eyes off her.
“They were chatting and laughing for ages. They looked pretty cosy and relaxed in each other’s company. Wilmer was all charm and even had a bottle of champagne for Rihanna.” (celebitchy.com)

That's right Wilmer, get her while she's down. Once her self esteem is back up there is no way you would have a chance. I will say this though, Handy Manny? A brilliant premise for a children's show. He has a a talking toolbox and the screwdriver's name is Turner. Come on that is kinda funny.

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