Monday, March 23, 2009

Catholic's Are Mad....Again!

Tom Hanks has been busy finishing up the sequel to The Da Vinci Code and may be facing part two of a showdown with the Vatican. The organization, which railed against the first film, may be readying itself to be up at arms against the newest one Angels & Demons.
On Friday, the Vatican’s official newspaper Awenwire ran a story saying the Church “cannot approve” of the film. Another Italian daily La Stampa, echoed the idea saying the Vatican would soon call for a boycott. (

Wow, what a surprise! The Vatican has their panties all in a bunch about a movie that dares to question the Catholic Church. Have they not learned by now that they renouncing something makes it even more delectable because people just love to sin? Sex, condoms, homosexuality.....hated it! While we are having unprotected sex and nominating movies like Milk for the Oscar. Oh and when they boycotted The Da Vinci Code? It made $760 million at the box office. It sucked, but the Church hated it therefore I had to pay for the overpriced ticket just to prove a point.

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