Friday, March 6, 2009

Official LAPD Report On Chris Brown and Rihanna

I will give you the gist of it, if you want the very gory details you can read them here:

Basically, she read a text from a girl so he pulled over and tried to shove her out of the car but she was wearing a seat belt. This would be the first time I would have to say seat belts don't save lives she would have been better off by the side of the road. The fight escalated to the point that he pushed her head into the passenger side window and was punching her with his right hand while driving with his left hand. This guy has obviously done this before, I can barely drive and text at the same time.
His pictures at his court date this morning he looks all sad. He is scum and one day he will get what he deserves. An NWA comes to mind, it goes something like "when we see your ass when gonna cut your hair off and fuck you with a broomstick.....think about it. Punk motha fucka." It' s a sweet lil' song and he will be singing that tune.
She has chosen to stand by her man like so many battered women have done in the past. Her situation seems so strange to be because she is not tied to him by anything more than emotion. Not money, not marriage, not children. Unfortunately she is probably as ashamed as he is

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