Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh This Bitch Needs To Die!

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Police in Connecticut say a woman attempting to reconcile with her husband handcuffed herself to him as he slept and then bit him on his torso and arms.
Police say 37-year-old Helen Sun told them she wanted to have a conversation with husband Robert Drawbough without him leaving. Police say she changed the locks on their bedroom and handcuffed herself to Drawbough while he was sleeping Monday.
Drawbough used a cell phone to call police. Officers heard his screams when they arrived at the couple's Fairfield home. He was treated at a local hospital. (msnbc.com)

You have to be kidding me? This lady chained herself to her man while he was sleeping so that he would not leave her side in the hopes that they could have an open and adult discussion? If you physically restrain my ass the conversation is over!! WTF lady? See this bitch is begging for a beat down, where is Chris Brown when you need him? Oh, that's where she got the idea? OK, names perfect sense then.


Noelle said...

i tell ya, women these days

Arlene said...

handcuffs? biting? What seems to be the problem officer?