Monday, March 23, 2009

More Silly Jennifer Aniston BS

“John says Jennifer weighs herself every morning, pumps herself up on coffee and then runs three of four miles on the treadmill…
“She also does yoga or Pilates for, like, four hours a day. It’s unreal!…” (

So? She weighs herself every morning? Gasp?! I know a lot of people who do that....and plenty who should if you get what I'm sayin'. She drinks coffee and runs? It's not like she has a day job or 14 kids that she can't actually take the time to do four hours of yoga a day of she feels like it? She is a 40 year old actress competing with actresses in their 20's. Which some by the way, look like they are 40 because they don't take care of themselves. (ahem Lindsey)
I'm about to get on Youtube and do a "LEAVE JENNIFER ALONE!" Video, like that little blonde boy with all the eyemakeup that was crying about Britney. Who gives a shit?

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Noelle said...

leave the cougar alone. i'd do the exact same thing. minus the running. i'd take that time to look at myself in the mirror.