Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Do Have Time For This Though....

I have been watching the new Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoons. I love them. Anything animated will get my attention these days because sitcoms and reality TV are so stupid that they might as well be starring stick figures my nephew can draw.
But, I have this conundrum. It makes the story even more depressing to me because I am now emotionally involved with The Clones as individuals, that I know are going to turn around and MURDER my beloved Jedi.
Also, I am curious when they started inbreeding the clones because during The Clone Wars they are amazingly on point and by Episode IV we are obviously working with like the C Team of the clones which are the now Storm Troopers. What the hell happened?


greg said...

quite simple my dear. generational breakdown in DNA. the copied strains couldn't retain the quality of the original strand. think of it this way... you get the new DJ Merlyn mix tape on premium high bias cassette. your friend wants a copy, so you dupe it on a normal bias tape. she then dupes it, and so on, and so on... ok...i'm a super duper dork.

fern said...

C'mon, get to writing...... elections are tomorrow and you have not posted in like 3 or 4 days... wassup homie?