Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kittens and Puppies? Oh My!!

So Heidi eats a couple tacos, stands next to her a-sexual boyfriend takes a few pictures and hilarity ensues.
Last month Heidi was saying that she wanted like 10 kids, some of them biological a bunch of them adopted, and added that she wanted “her own orphanage like Mother Teresa.” Her ever-present boyfriend, Spencer Montag, added that she wants “kittens and puppies,” and that he’s “fighting her [urges] every day.” (celebitchy.com)

Well first if they are having a baby, it is a miracle because Spencer is a dickless wonder. Second of they are having a baby, it is the antichrist. Fear not little one, the paparazzi are there to protect thee. Three....why does he have to fight her urge to have kittens and puppies? She should have kittens and puppies maybe she wouldn't want a baby so badly. Oh...you are using kittens and puppies as an analogy for babies? Well, the antichrist is born from a Jackal so maybe she might actually give birth to a dog or a cat? Wait...that's stupid. I hate you Spencer.

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