Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Don't Have Time

I don't have time to write. I am busy actually working, studying and really it seems petty at this time to pick on Jessica Simpson when there are so many serious matters going on.

The election. I am all a flutter to vote, even anticipating wearing my Obama pin and have someone call me a baby killer. Now that is exciting!!

Halloween. What am I going to dress up as? Slutty cat? Slutty pirate? Dead fairy? Yes that is a costume. I guess people didn't clap enough like they suggest you do in Peter Pan. Sorry Tink.

School. Long classes with a fascinating teacher. My books have not arrived yet and I'm spittin angry.

The fact that they handed out pepper spray to the ladies in my office. What exactly is going on in this area that I got this lovely gift.

How could Elite XC go bankrupt?

How can you make up a nickname for yourself like "Maverick" and think you can get away with that? I'm going to start calling myself.....oh let's say "Hottie Body God Damn" and let's see how long that shit works.

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