Monday, October 6, 2008

Men, Once Again Are Incredibly Gullible

This is a direct quote from one of my favorite websites WWTDD.COM
TV Side has said in the past that Holly was in it for the money and was looking around and flirting with other guys but was never expected to actually leave him. Over the last few weeks she has changed completely. She actually dumped Hef, face to face, last night. She has a condo in Santa Monica already and will be moving out of the mansion very soon.
Hef so far is taking the breakup well. And by that I mean he’s already stickin it to two new blond twins and they will move into the mansion in the coming weeks.
And good for him. That’s pretty much what I do after getting dumped too. Except, instead of having hot sex with young blond twins, I make a scarecrow of my ex and hang it from a tree with a knife in it and a note that says, YOU.

Listen up boys. I respect Hef just as much or more than you do. I respect him as a writer and entrepreneur and the all around genius that he is. But if you think that any, any of those bimbottes were there simply for manliness and sexual prowess that Hef has to offer, I beg to differ. I know men love women, will always love women and wish that their last breath could be taken on soft pillowy bosoms. But, if you think that he is "already stickin it to two new blond twins" then boys your dreams far surpass the Impossible Dream.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$- Matters to these women. Hef can give that by the truckloads.

SEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXXXX- Matters to these women. Sorry but, Hef at this point is wearing his jammies because well it's nappy time.

You are not fooling anybody grandpa and really nobody cares. When you see an old man with a young woman this gives guys hope. Not all men can be good looking/hot sex machines but they will be old one day. If you open that savings account may be able to rent your own bimbottes one day.


Anonymous said...

Gross !!

fern said...

Hef is the man, My hero, actually I think I'm gonna go update my myspace page-----under heroes!

NonProcessed said...


I love how you get to the core of all problems!