Thursday, October 23, 2008

Madge and Guy's Sad Tale

When you get the News from Perez, you know it's for reals...
Madonna’s friends and business associates have HAD ENOUGH with Guy Ritchie and his camp spreading lies and misinformation about the Queen of Pop….and they’re finally speaking out! just spoke exclusively to numerous people VERY close to Madonna. What you are about to read is the truth.
Insiders tell us…. When Guy Ritchie was first introduced to Madonna, by Sting & Trudie Styler, he had a very rich girlfriend by the name of Rebecca Green. Guy had a reputation of being a golddigger and he definitely lived up to that when he dumped his girlfriend of four years, Rebecca, for the much much richer Madonna. “For his entire marriage to M, Guy lived like a king,” one of our many close Madonna sources tell us. “He never spent a dime of his own money for their lifestyle or the children.” He never spent any money, even though he did have some money of his own. (

If it was the other way around, say a rich male entertainer and an attractive female independent film maker would this even be brought up? Would it be news? Would it matter if she had never spent a dime of her own money? Does this not seem as unfair and unbalanced as Fox News?
Of course he lived like a king, he was married to the queen. Why did him not spending any of his own money, during the course of their relationship not come out until now? Why should we think any less of him now? She deemed him well enough to be step father to her young daughter, but now she is using her PR people to tear him apart?
As for him "spreading lies" about her.....what have you heard him say? Nothing. Because despite not having made him sign a PRENUP, she did make him sign a SILENCE clause. So she can say whatever she wants about him, dress THEIR son in a Yankees jersey the week they announce their divorce (HI ALEX!!) and now talk about his not supporting their family.
Dignity and grace obviously does not come with age, a string tied around your wrist or how much yoga you do. Respecting someone with a bit of silence might be best at this time.
I know you are really bendy so try shoving your foot in your mouth for a while.

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