Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I Never Want To Hear

"Hugh Hefner is stabbing new kitty". (
That is disgusting and it's not true. This slang means his penis is doing some major damage on some sweet girls innocent quivering vagina. There is no stabbing with Mr. Hefner...come on Tyler.

The new Pink song "I'm A Rock Star"
Listened to it once because I actually really like Pink. It's the weakest form of song writing I have ever heard. It sounds like a complete joke, she even does a rasberry at the end as if to say "music is so shitty right now that I bet you I can make this crap and still get airplay." So, you have to listen to it at least once, then never again.

...starring Paris Hilton
I don't know what I was thinking but I saw a good hour of one of her movies last night. If you think she sucks in real life, this bitch is like whoa on film. There is a scene that she is wiping down a counter and she looks like she has never cleaned a thing in her life, the rag was quite puzzling to her. "Is it supposed to be a top? Why is it all wet?" Dear God, and hour of my life gone.

We don't have any tonic...
FUCK!! Well I guess we can make greyhounds

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