Friday, October 24, 2008

Now that Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter has celebrated her 18th birthday, the GOP vice-presidential candidate says she’s hoping Bristol and fiancé Levi Johnston – who are expecting a baby in December – will tie the knot well before the date next summer the young couple had been eyeing.
“Hopefully before that,” Sarah Palin tells PEOPLE in an Oct. 15 interview for the issue on newsstands this Friday. “Bristol turns 18 in a few days [Oct. 18]. That’s what we wanted her to wait for: 18, and a decision on her own about how she’s going to go forward, her and Levi, at this point.” (

So, 17 old enough to have sex, get pregnant and have a baby....18 age of reason and get married? If she had been a normal teenager she would have had sex with a condom on, never gotten pregnant and been dating somebody else like a normal 18 year old girl should. Instead she is being forced into a loveless marriage, much like Sarah Palin was at her daughter's age. That's the natural way, that's the right way.

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