Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Such a lady but she's dancin' like a ho

Josh Dahumel cheated on Fergie with some stripper.

“The dance was $10, and he gave me a $10 tip on top of that,” Nicole said. Before Josh left, they exchanged phone numbers. The next day, Josh contacted her and asked her to visit him at his hotel
“I got there at 1 a.m.,” she says. They began chatting, but Nicole said Josh was reluctant to talk about himself - or his wife Fergie. “I kept asking about Fergie. He said, ‘You know what you know.’”
After drinking a Bud, Josh told Nicole he wanted to go for a drive and had a valet bring his car. He seemed drunk “and he wanted to party,” Nicole said. “He wasn’t using his turn signals, abiding by speed limits or stop signs. He said, ‘This is an adventure.’ He’s gorgeous - but crazy.”  (celebitchy.com)

I am sure this skankmobile was asking The Hotness Josh Dahumel about his wife while she was blowing him. I put that picture of them because her butt looks nice in that dress and I like her shoes. I don't agree with men cheating on their wives especially with strippers. Bringing all that stripper pole sweat home, are you crazy? 

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