Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hot Mormon Moms???

A website called Mormons Exposed has put out a calendar that’s getting quite a lot of attention. It features Mormon moms dressed provocatively – one even in her bra and panties, several in bathing suits, another dressed up as a schoolteacher with her cardigan sweater unbuttoned so her bra is showing, etc. None of the photos are all that provocative by secular standards, but the Mormon church places a high value on modesty. Most Mormons wear special underclothes (known as “the garment” by Mormons and sometimes called “Mormon underwear” by non-Mormons) after their Endowment, which is often part of a Mormon marriage . (celebitchy.com)

Well there are 12 months in a year so I guess the head of the cult felt each of his wives needed a hobby besides baking and making babies. Ba dum chi!
Thank you, thank you! I'm here til' Thursday!

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