Thursday, June 10, 2010

In NO SHIT?! news today...

Rescuers searched Thursday for a 16-year-old Southern California girl who was attempting a solo sail around the world.

Family spokesman Christian Pinkston said the search began for Abby Sunderland somewhere between Africa and Australia. He says emergency beacons activated overnight and there has been a loss of communication. (

Really? Abby is missing somewhere between Africa and Australia? The 16 year old attempting to sail solo around the world may perhaps be in peril in the Indian Ocean? Not even the Pacific or the Atlantic, you know something American's can distinguish.
If her parents bitch about this I swear...
When I was 16, I was lucky to drive my older sister's car and drive to school every day.
"Mom, Dad I want to sail around the world."
"But, I want to sail around the world by myself."
How did that conversation even happen??

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