Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 64, Waiting for Kevin Costner to Save the World. Sounds like a movie doesn't it?

A judge has blocked the offshore drilling moratorium imposed by the Obama administration after the devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

 Judge Feldman writes that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's decision was based on a finding:

"that new deepwater wells pose an unacceptable risk of serious and irreparable harm to life and property and a finding that the installation of additional safety or environmental protection equipment is necessary to prevent injury or loss of life and damage to property and the environment." Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Let's stop for a moment because we don't know what could happen. and none of these companies would know what to do if there was another spill at the moment. You do not let traffic back on the highway until the accident is cleared.

"[T]he Court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium," Feldman writes. "The Report patently lacks any analysis of the asserted fear of threat of irreparable injury or safety hazards posed by the thirty-three permitted rigs also reached by the moratorium. It is incident specific and driven: Deepwater Horizon and BP only. None others." Fathom a relationship between findings? Well, none of these companies know what the hell they are doing! If they did they would be sharing their knowledge! It is obvious they have the technology to get the oil, they just don't have an escape plan when shit gets ugly.

"If some drilling equipment parts are flawed, is it rational to say all are? Are all airplanes a danger because one was? All oil tankers like Exxon Valdez? All trains? All mines? That sort of thinking seems heavy handed, and rather overbearing," Feldman writes. (cbsnews.com)
Since when is profiling wrong? The government has been doing it forever.

Yes! It is safe to say that! A ship or an airplane are not the same as oil gushing out of the Earth in a hole that we made. The plane will crash can crash and be done, whatever damage it can do is done in one crash. The ship has a certain amount of oil if it gets hit or is driven by a drunk (IE Exxon Valdez) there is terrible damage, but limited damage. Neither of those can compare to a hole with a direct line to the oil in the Gulf.

I really don't understand this. They had the power to get there. They have the technology to get the oil. They are drilling deeper than they ever have and yet, they can't find a way to stop it.

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