Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprise Ending!

"Sexually Ambiguous" Adam Lambert (screaming queen) did not win American Idol. The other guy did. I don't know his name. But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about Bikini Girl (whore) getting the surprise dis she very much she deserved.
Bikini girl Katrina Darrell thinks Kara DioGuardi made a fool of herself during their surprise duet on Wednesday's American Idol finale.
"I don't think she got the reaction she was hoping for. I think she probably thought I would cry or get mad, and I didn't -- I played it off," Darrell smirks to
"Looking back at the tape, she just made herself look stupid. She didn't make me look stupid," she continues. (

No, no whore. She did make you look incredibly stupid. I do not watch this show regularly, but I have to say I enjoyed this segment immensely. A judge on American Idol, got on stage, out sang your orange ass then showed "hey look not only can I sing, but I look hot in a bikini too." Basically saying, to you and to the world girls in bikinis with fake tans and fake boobs are a dime a dozen. Talent is rare. I clapped, Simon clapped. This was obviously planned in order to make you look stupid. It worked. Amazingly well.

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NonProcessed said...

I missed this!! but I'm sure it was hysterical and besides, the girl was obnoxious.