Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For the first time ever, Tom Brady sounds like an A-Hole

"There's a different appreciation. If you had him every day, you'd go, 'Let's just get this done.' But when you get him, say, one week a month, you're like, 'This is so cool!' "(people.com)

If this story came at a time, when let's say Tom was actively playing for the New England Patriots and not having several different wedding ceremonies all over the globe with supermodel wife Giselle, I would say "Oh Tommy is such a sweet daddy." But, this comes at a time that he is not an active player, it ain't even football season and he has been running around with Giselle all over the globe. I now say "Wow, one week a month? And you are ok with that? The menial tasks of playing with your child are novel to you because you only see him one week a month?"
If your baby momma is being a total monster and not allowing you to see your baby boy, it is a crime. You not trying to fight the system and spend more time with him than that is criminal.

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