Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Chris Brown and Rihanna Drama

This is his defense:
"I am informed and believe that this highly prejudicial photograph was sold by an LAPD officer to the entertainment website, TMZ," Geragos states. "The photograph was immediately viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers and was displayed on every news channel for several weeks ... The purpose of the leak was necessarily for profit and to vilify Mr. Brown and poison the potential jury pool." (

Alright, the picture was leaked. What does the picture show? A pony? Noooo. Chris Brown riding a pony? Noooo. It shows the severely beaten face of the victim.

Now, this explains why the victim might not care what her PR agents are telling her when she cancelled a concert scheduled the same week Chris Brown's trial began:
Yassin Matbouly, the managing director of an entertainment agency in the United Arab Emirates, told the AP that he had been told by Rihanna’s management that “it was inappropriate timing for her to have a public concert."

She did not perform. So that was "appropriate behavior" on her part I suppose. Was it necessary? No. But, I imagine she is doing as she is told after somebody severly beat her ass.

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