Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Open Letter To Brett Favre

The Vikings coach is expected to fly to Mississippi later today to meet with the former Packers and Jets quarterback Wednesday night and Thursday, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.
The report, citing "a person with knowledge of the situation," said Childress will have dinner with Favre on Wednesday and start discussions about joining Minnesota.
The "in-depth" part of the meeting will be Thursday, according to the report.
Favre spent 16 seasons in Green Bay, retiring in 2008 after leading the Packers to the NFC title game. He changed his mind a few months later, which set up a long and messy soap opera that ultimately led to his trade to the Jets. (

Dear Brett,
let me just start by saying how much we have loved you. I loved watching you play every week with GREENBAY, those were good times. You had an amazing last season with GREENBAY and you should be extremely proud. I am so happy that you spent so many years playing with GREENBAY, injury free and one of the most respected quarterbacks, no atheletes of all time.
But, last year fiasco. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Nobody likes the Jets. The uniforms are ugly, they suck and not even you could do anything to save the franchise. So you decided to retire. Again. On that note, stop now.
Please enough of your pride, and competitiveness. You seem a bit pitiful at this point and a bit of a joke which is unfortunate considering the long career you had with GREENBAY. Please just stop now.
I know you won't listen and hey, maybe I will be eating crow next season if you take the Vikings (??????????) all the way. But, please just stop. Now.

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