Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Respect for Lil' Wayne

Anyone who knows me, or has ever read this blog, know of my disdain towards this annoying little man. But, I heard an excerpt from his interview with Katie Couric this morning....yeah Katie Couric the whitest woman in America and I loved his answer to the question that all reporters seem to love to ask anyone that is in the spotlight
"Do you consider yourself a good role model?"
To which he said something to the like of " I don't see myself as a role model for anyone Miss Katie (he called her that the whole interview). If you need someone to model your life after you have no reason to live. I have my two children and I do good for them, so I worry about them. Everyone has to worry about their own."

What would ever make her think to ask a guy...any guy with a tattoo on his forehead if he thinks he is a good role model? Oh and that he called her "Miss Katie" the whole time. It was sweet and crazy at the same time.
I also have to give kudos to Miss Katie, she must have been petrified. I know Barbara Walters would never demean herself by speaking to Lil' Wayne.


Noelle said...

a nice southern boy

NonProcessed said...


Anonymous said...

And yes Miss Katie, I spoke weed...for medicinal purposes