Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hugh Jackman......sigh

I did not watch the Oscar's. I never do. I like to find out who won the next day, like Christmas and look at the pictures of all the pretty dresses ( Evan Rachel Wood. I don't like her but I appreciate the alabaster skin.), and the hideous shit (Beyonce. Stop letting your mother dress you when you have Versace' begging to adorn you.) So, I did not see Hugh Jackman dancing and singing and I really don't want to. I am glad that he is a well rounded entertainer but, it will taint my idea of Wolverine and I can't have that. But, then I heard that today he gave Barbara Walters a lapdance. That I had to take a looky loo at. I have to hand it to Bab Wawa, she is an old dame and if her heart can take even three seconds of that she is a much stronger woman than me.
Holy crap....Wolverine gives lap dances?

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