Thursday, February 12, 2009


In a new interview, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke says that she walked away from "more money than I [Hardwicke] or anyone in my family has ever seen" because she believed she could not remain faithful to the book and to fans under the restrictions that Summit wanted to put her under to direct the upcoming sequel, New Moon.
Turning down money in pursuit of artistic integrity?! In Hollywood?! That's crazy talk!
Twilight producers wanted to rush the sequel into production - which they are doing, and shooting begins next month. They also wanted to keep the budget at a modest figure.
Hardwicke disagreed with both of those things. (PEREZHILTON.COM)

Anyone who read the book, anyone who loved the book....then saw this stinker of a movie. I will just say it, this bitch is lying. She did not stay true Twilight at all. If that was her vision then she may as well be blind. I hope the new director follows the story line of New Moon even though it was not one of my favorites of all four novels.

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cristal said...

what she said..