Monday, November 24, 2008

You Had Me at Bisexual Twins...

Bisexual twin sisters Rikki and Vikki, known as the “Ikki Twins,” will star on spin-off A Shot at Love, MTV announced in a statement on Friday.
Both men and women will vie for each twin’s affections on the reality-competition series A Double Shot at Love, which premieres Dec. 9. (

Oh thank God! Finally some quality programming! Am I the only one bothered that they are known as the "Ikki Twins" in like in like gross.
Whatever.....rev up the DVR boys.


NonProcessed said...

Who actually watches this sh&t??!! Oh! I forgot...: boys.

DJ ASH-ROCK said...

first thing I thought as well...they call the the "Icky" icky like semi-dry semen? like spider webs and the feeling you get when a strange older man stares at you with a weird grin on his face and his eyes rolling back!