Monday, November 17, 2008

Me and Obama

Um.....Obama sir?
When I put that lil' icon of you insinuating that you are a Jedi, I meant it in the most respectful way. Now, it has been several weeks since I did that and a couple weeks since you were actually elected and I would like to take it down. Except, I can't. I can't because every time I go to remove the image it pops up again. I get it. "OOOOOOOH how weird! I can't get the Obama image off my main page. He must really be powerful!" That was 1 week ago. Now it's more like "Um, WTF Obama? There are other people besides you on this planet I would like to have representing my page!"
I voted for you, so I am asking NICELY because it pays to be nice, let me get your face off my page before I get sick of you and all Jedi.....OMG!! I didn't mean that I didn't mean that!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Watch your words carefully Daria ! They are reading. the picture is not so bad it could be worse it could be a clip of Twilight.