Monday, November 24, 2008


Britney Spears' new CD has lyrics about Adnan Ghalib. A source told Us that the track "Mmm Papi" on her CD Circus (out December 2) is about the former paparazzo. "It's a gift to him," the insider said, adding that Spears, "is crazy for Adnan," whom she publicly dated for about three months last winter. (

It says she wrote the song for him. She wrote it? Bitch with a twang wrote a song called "Mmm Papi"? Right.
I actually listened to this CD. Twice. It is apparent that she did not write a thing on this and there is a robot singing for her or she is a robot or something because....there is still something wrong with her.


Noelle said...

eewww ... that guy had strange pubic reminiscing facial hair.

NonProcessed said...

Did I say Barbara?! I actually meant, instead of Barry, play Britney!! (I really did think this...)

She'll still sell records, though. For mostly every other reason in the book except for talent..