Monday, November 17, 2008

Prince and The Bible

Recently, Prince hosted an executive who works for Philip Anschutz, the Christian businessman whose company owns the Staples Center. 'We started talking red and blue,' Prince said. 'People with money—money like that—are not affected by the stock market, and they’re not freaking out over anything. They’re just watching. So here’s how it is: you’ve got the Republicans, and basically they want to live according to this.' He pointed to a Bible. 'But there’s the problem of interpretation, and you’ve got some churches, some people, basically doing things and saying it comes from here, but it doesn’t. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum you’ve got blue, you’ve got the Democrats, and they’re, like, 'You can do whatever you want.' Gay marriage, whatever. But neither of them is right.' When asked about his perspective on social issues—gay marriage, abortion—Prince tapped his Bible and said, 'God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, 'Enough.''"

Whoa, whoa, whoa hold up there little lady. If I go down the list the gayness that was your life up until whenever it was that you "got saved.". If I go down the list of the prime trim you were "sticking it wherever and doing whatever" to, Derek Jeter would blush. If I go down the list of your song titles, album covers, the whole androgynous thing that made you famous in the first place......oh your Purpleness the hypocrisy.
So as you thump your bible, remember we ALL saw your ass cheeks in that little yellow jumpsuit that was too gay even for the Ice Capades. We ALL heard "Get Off" and knew exactly what you were talking about. We ALL know that you wore more eye makeup than Tammy Faye Baker in her hey day and we know that wasn't just for us girls.
Flesh to the Devil, Bones to the Father. HE SAW YOU WITH THE YELLOW ASS PANTS TOO!

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