Monday, November 10, 2008

GOP Goth Kids Hope Obama Dies.....really

I read this on a young Republicans' blog post:
When Kennedy was elected, the Irish were below the poverty line. Once he was assassinated, they rose above. History is the major lesson here. I am by no means a racist, but if Obama does get assassinated, history also shows us this:Following the assassination of Malcolm X (by no means a pacifist) there were violent riots.Following Martin Luther King Jrs assassination again there were violent riots & protests.Neither of these men were in such a high position as the one Obama is in now. If Obama does live out his term, the egoism & ignorance of the democratic party will propagate its vile brainwashing of our impressionable youth. If he is killed, he will be made a martyr and this will only reinforce their idiocy & strengthen their arrogant plight.There is no doubt there will be attempts (whether successful or not). And even if Obama makes it through the years, I know the end result will be more destructive than anything resulting from the Bush administration.

That is the most "hateful, I hope Obama gets assasinated, but not really because then he will be a martyr for the leftist cause" I have ever heard.
I was one of the many that obviously voted for Obama but I would never hope for an assasination if your guy had won.

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