Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Write Crap

I had a very good friend tell me " if you wrote your opinion about things in your life I would read your blog, not what 1000 other people say about famous people I don't give a fuck about." We were drinking on a cloud at that time. We were in a club that is made up to look like the interior of an airplane, but that is a story for another time. So, I am going to try to pepper in issues of my life a long with the celebrity crap. Because I just can't not comment on them they are way too easy.


Anteye said...

I like this muuuch better. However, you went straight back to discussing the testicular elevation of boy-toy celebs. Baby steps, I guess.

Now that you mention the plane club... our buddy Stryke dodged a bullet having the party last Saturday, huh? I can't imagine that place is going to have a great turn out this weekend, following this weeks events in Brazil.

Anteye said...

Actually... the party was Friday. My bad. Chalk it up to jet lag.

NonProcessed said...

It's about time, sista. I could only guesstimate as to who commented this to you on that fateful cloud inside the skyline..

& what events happened this week in Brazil? I feel like I'm missing something here...thx

Anteye said...

Plane crash