Friday, June 5, 2009

David Carradine

I am really upset about David Carradine's death. Not because he starred in one of my favorite movies and in it delivered one of the best monolgues movie history (Kill Bill Part 2).
I am upset at the way he died. First they announce he was found dead in a hotel room. Then it was an apparent suicide. Then it is supphocation brought on by auto erotic asphyxiation, a la' Michael Hutchence from INXS.
The man had a long distinguished career. I have to say this is a very embarrassing way to go. I know he did not mean to, and I do not begrudge what gets another person off.
But, he was Bill for goodness sakes. He was Kwai in Kung Fu! He was in Bangkok. Couldn't he have found a nice hooker to choke the shit out of him?
I really don't understand.
Having said that. Blessings to his family and blessings to David.

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nonprocessissimo said...

it's definitely not a good way to go.

maybe he wanted it this way. you never know why people do certain things in life.

rip david carridine