Wednesday, June 24, 2009


How do you celebrate a birthday when half of your friends won't talk to the other half of your friends? How do you have a "Happy Birthday!"?
Do you have two celebrations? Do you have one big one and hope everyone is civil enough to each other to have a good time.
It is not that I don't understand the issues between these people. They all have good reasons for feeling the way that they feel and they are not just my friends they are individuals that have been through things that have "separated" a group to a certain extent. Like I said, they are good reasons but I have nothing to do with any of it. So what do you do? Pass out X-tacy pills and hope everybody has a big ol' pow wow like we did back in the day? I don't think that will work, we are immune to that kind of shit by now.


miss oreo said...

it's a pow-wow for marissa's birthday... everything should be alllll gooooood. live is too short.

happy birthday my friend.

Noelle said...

duh! you have one big party. it's your birthday! and really, people getting along with other people ... not your problem. we're old dude, lol. i'm thirsty :)

Noelle said...

wait! i think i just figured out what this was about and i really LOL'd

Anonymous said...

To make things easy I just won't talk to anyone!